FAMILIES in Central Fife could be set to lose access to crèches as Fife Sports and Leisure Trust “review” their facilities.

There were claims and online rumours that the child-friendly play areas were to be scrapped and, crucially, the trust did not deny them.

Cowdenbeath would be one of the leisure centres affected by any decision to shut the crèches.

Asked if they were going to close, a trust spokesperson admitted that the facilities were “under review”.

The spokesperson said: “In order to balance the delivery of high-quality facilities, programmes our customers have come to expect and realise necessary budget savings, the trust must examine all areas of the business and, in particular, those which are not commercially viable.

“This process is ongoing and the operation of crèches is an area which is currently under review. Where decisions regarding any changes to operations are required, the trust will strive to minimise any impact on our customers.

“The trust is committed to providing affordable, sustainable sports and leisure opportunities to all the communities of Fife in order that more people can enjoy the health and wellbeing benefits of physical activity.”

The trust operates leisure centres on behalf of Fife Council.

While no decision has been taken, one worried mum, Linda Leiser, said on Facebook: “There are a group of young mums who are very upset about the crèche closure.

“These are mums who count on getting a couple of hours alone time to take care of their own mental health and provide stability in the home. These are mums who want to stay fit and not become a line item on obesity data charts.”