DOG foulers in Cardenden came under fire this week after too many are failing to use the new bins provided at Wallsgreen Park.

The park has seen a series of improvements over the past two years and the new bins are there for all uses and have an illustration showing that these are for the disposal of dog mess also.

The Cardenden Community Council, and local councillor Rosemary Liewald, are particularly unhappy at people refusing to use the facilities provided.

On Thursday members of the community council were down having a look at the area near the new John Thomson Park football facility which has been particularly badly affected.

Said Community Council secretary, David Taylor: "There has so much been done to Wallsgreen Park over the past few months and the opening of the John Thomson Park by Celtic and Scotland skipper Scott Brown capped it all.

"But still we have some dog walkers simply who seem to walk glibly by the bins and foul the grassed areas, with so many people not bothering to clean up after their animal it is very frustrating."

Councillor Liewald said: "Wallsgreen Park is such a lovely facility and with the new football park it indeed, looks really smart.

"But the problem is that it is not the dogs' fault it is their owners who refuse to follow the simple rules of 'Bag it and bin it'.

"Our appeal to all dog owners who use Wallsgreen is please Bag and bin it.

"It is really galling to see, like we saw on Thursday, a mound of dogs' mess beside one of the bins.

"The park is looking good so lets aim to make 2018 the year that all dog walkers in Wallsgreen bag it and bin it."

David Taylor agreed: "These multi use bins are ideal to put all sorts of rubbish in so lets use them."