TO mark the 50th anniversary of the death of Cardenden poet and playwright Joe Corrie an exhibition about the author’s life and work will be put on display at the Lochgelly Centre from the beginning of May until August.

Titled “Hewers of Coal and Verse”, the exhibition will also feature the work of local pitman poets Peter “Pindar” Leslie and Robert McLeod.

Fife Cultural Trust, who are sponsoring the event, are encouraging anyone in the area who has memorabilia, photographs, posters or publications relating to the authors to take part.

All items donated will be fully acknowledged and returned at the end of the exhibition.

Gillian Parsons, Programming and Engagement Officer at Lochgelly Centre, announced: “Already, a number of people have been in contact and there has been a terrific amount of local interest.

"Within the community there will be people who have memories of Joe Corrie and the Bowhill Players and their dramatic performances.

"If anybody has books, and pictures belonging to relatives or even reminiscences, we would love to see them, hear them and include them".

Lochgelly poet Willie Hershaw, who recorded Corrie’s songs on the CD “Cageload of Men” and has himself written poetry about the mining industry, said: “Joe Corrie was internationally famous in his day.

"His play In “Time of Strife”, which deals with three mining families trying to cope during the General Strike and the lockout of 1926, was performed in London, Leipzig and Prague.

"But younger folk don’t know about him. It is important that we celebrate the man and his work.

"With Joe’s daughter Morag’s permission I reconvened the Bowhill Players as a musical ensemble in 2012 to perform his songs and poetry and we have regularly been performing.”

Willie hopes that the exhibition and concert will go a long way to letting everyone know the Joe Corrie story.

The exhibition will start with a free concert in the Lochgelly Centre on Friday May 4. Other events are planned. There will also be a fantastic exhibition of mining drawings based on the theme of the Stations of the Cross by artist Les McConnell.

If you would like to contribute to the Hewers of Coal and Verse exhibition you can contact Gillian at: or telephone: 03451 555 555 ext 402224. Or leave a message at the Lochgelly Centre, Bank Street. Lochgelly, KY5 9RD, telephone: 01592 583303