THEIR artistic skills working for the community has seen this duo win the Cowdenbeath Junior Citizens of the Year Award.

Isla Cattanach and Lee Crawford were involved in the Shutter Art project which saw pupils from Beath High School help artist Kerry Wilson turn the grey shutters of the town's shops into striking pieces of art.

Such has been the impact of the project other communities are adopting similar ideas.

Shutter Art was an example of how partnerships can be effective in delivering successful projects in the community with Fife Council, Cowdenbeath Community Council, the local community police team, shop keepers and Beath High School all working together to make the project happen.

Said Kerry, who nominated Isla and Lee: "I wanted Lee and Isla to get some kind of recognition because they’ve both been heavily involved in doing something positive for their town in their spare time.

"From a large group of pupils who volunteered to get involved through Beath High School art department, so far I have been able to get 10 involved - from less glamorous jobs such as cleaning and undercoating shutters to quickly learning spray painting skills in order to help complete artwork.

"Although Lee was also from Beath High, he actually got involved by chance though talking to me one day when I was painting on my own. I gave him a chance to help finish the project I was starting on and I was really impressed how quickly he picked things up and how positive his attitude was.

"I was actually struggling with a particular part of the design I was working on and he encouraged me to keep going even though I felt like giving up. On later projects he was keen to share his new skills with others and was able to show the ropes to two of his own even younger ‘apprentices’!"

Kerry said that both Lee and Isla have shown continuous enthusiasm for the project and turned up repeatedly, happy to get involved in any weather for any amount of time. They had been a pleasure to work with, assisting wherever required, engaging positively with the general public, using their initiative and constantly improving their skills.

Both Lee and Isla have persevered with various weather conditions, without complaint, and have been dependable, reliable and stayed until the last tin of paint was tidied away every time.

Added Kerry: "They are a credit to their families, their school and their town. I am really looking forward to working more with them and to meeting more young folk from Cowdenbeath, if Lee and Isla's standards are anything to go by!

Lee Crawford, 13, said: “I really like working with Kerry because I've learned how to spray paint. My mum said it was a great thing we we did. We are making the High Street look amazing”.

Isla Cattanach, 16, said: “ I have enjoyed being part of the shutter art experience.

"Doing the shutters has given me a sense of pride, that I have helped make my town a nicer place, and when I’m going through the streets and hear all the comments about the work”.