FIFE Liberal Democrats have expressed concern about the fall in the number of fixed penalty notices, which now stand at £80, issued for litter dropping over the past three years.

Group leader, councillor Tim Brett, said, “It is worrying that the number of fines for dropping litter have reduced so much, especially in west Fife. It would be nice to think that this was because the amount of litter dropped has reduced but unfortunately this is clearly not the case.” He continued, “As it has been shown that there is a direct correlation between the amount of fixed penalty notices issued and the amount of litter on the streets and open spaces, regular and constant patrols are needed if we want to minimise the latter; given the significance of the tourist industry to Fife, this is crucial. Therefore I trust that the staff’s other responsibilities are not impinging on their ability to carry out the essential task of vigorously enforcing the penalties.” Cllr Brett concluded, “However, it is hoped that Fifers themselves will take personal responsibility to ensure they dispose of litter appropriately, and so help keep the Kingdom looking its best for residents and visitors alike.”