THE TRAGEDY OF RICHARD II will hit the screen of the Adam Smith Theatre early in 2019.

This visceral new production about the limits of power will be directed by Joe Hill-Gibbins, whose previous plays include Little Revolution at the Almeida and Absolute Hell at the National Theatre. The play will be screened live on Tuesday January 15 at the Adam Smith.

Richard II, King of England, is irresponsible, foolish and vain. His weak leadership sends his kingdom into disarray and his court into uproar.

Seeing no other option but to seize power, the ambitious Bolingbroke challenges the throne and the king’s divine right to rule.

It is based on the life of King Richard II of England (ruled 1377–1399) and is the first part of a tetralogy, referred to by some scholars as the Henriad, followed by three plays concerning Richard's successors, Henry IV Pt 1, Henry IV Pt 2 and Henry V.

The play spans only the last two years of Richard's life, from 1398 to 1400 but is full of drama.