DUNDONALD Bluebell’s Lewis McKenzie will be in the Scotland Junior team’s squad for this week’s Tri-Nations competition to be held in the west of Scotland.

The high scoring central midfield player has caught the eye of Scotland boss Keith Burgess with a string of good performances over the past two 15 months.

However, Lewis was also a prominent scorer with Hill of Beath Hawthorn from the midfield area and that was what persuaded Bluebell boss Stevie Kay to sign in last summer.

The manager is delighted that his link-man will get this opportunity to play against Ireland and the Isle of Man in this tournament: “Lewis has been banging them in for us since he arrived before the start of last season and is an important part of our team.

“The thing is he is a really good centre-back as well so he can cover a number of areas of the park very effectively.

“It will be good experience for him to be involved in this arena.”

The midfielder’s international call means that Dundonald do not have a game this Saturday.