KARATE kids from Benarty Primary School were put through their paces with a grading.

Sensei Slaney, examiner and chief instructor from Fife Shotokan, also gave a short course where turning and blocking sharply with good balance was emphasised.

He was impressed by the attitude and ability of the new group of white belts, some of whom have only been training for a short time.

A karate group was set up at the school by teacher Andrew McNeil and one of the new recruits, Imogen Swain, said: “I practise a lot at home and I love the punching.” 

The kids who achieved white belts with an orange stripe were Lily Campbell, Lydia Mathewson, Liam Brown, Taylor McTurk, Connor Dalgarno, Billiee and Tiffany Richardson, Bailey Martin, Liam Smith and Imogen Swain.

Riley Scally, Harlie Nicol, Lakinna Wood and Murran Faulds achieved their orange belt with their performance of Heian Shodan kata.

Kian Rafferty and Lucy Martin also made a good effort to do the blocks and punches in Shodan and achieved their orange and white belt.

June Grant made a strong effort with her kata to attain her red belt.

Sensei Slaney will return to the club later this month to assess other members.