THE new fundraising venture by Cowdenbeath FC is off to a very promising start.

As the big crowds of the days when the club were in the Championship disappear into the mists of time Cowden's board have been looking at a number of ways of securing a sound funding base.

The latest is Club 135 which has over the past three weeks seen a number of former players and skippers get involved.

And now there will be a new way of getting involved in the project.

Said finance director David Allan: "We anticipate having the arrangements to accept online/electronic donations to Club 135 up and running in the next few days. 

"This of course is a vital time all round for Cowdenbeath FC - so once we do go live we are counting on all your support to make this initiative snowball. It is a crucial part of the way ahead for the Club." 

Mr Allan also said that there had been a flood of interest in the venture over the past few weeks.

He added: "Some more fans, well-wishers and activists have already played a part by donating to Club 135. 

"Firstly, we had a great £300 collective donation from those who travelled on the free bus to Elgin last Saturday. 

"Then we can add to the Roll of Honour as contributors - Dr Bob Brownlie, Noreen Brownlie, Andrew Philp all the way from Canada, Andrine George, David George, 'In Memory of James and Fraser Bruce', Daisy Anderson, 'In Memory of Andrew Allan 1926-95', 'In Memory of Davie Allan 1897-1976', 'In Memory of Willie Bell 1902-88' and Drew Higgins who together donated a further £360".