THE time the Fife Coastal and Countryside Trust spent in charge of Lochore Meadows Country Park was one which many critics might claim was time wasted.

The one plus was the arrival of park manager Ian Laing who has shown real enthusiasm and knowledge about ensuring that the park is maintaining its position as one of Fife's best visitor attractions.

But otherwise, while there were improvements to the cycle trails it was a time when few major projects went ahead to develop facilities.

Indeed, it was after the Trust had indicated they were leaving that Fife Council pushed forward with the new Visitor Centre which is fast taking shape.

So now a new management board is to be set up which will have community elements on it and written into its terms of reference will be ensuring that future attractions are always being considered.

Willie Clarke always maintained that the park was being undersold, well now a new management body can change all that and the future for the Meedies can be a bold one.

Hopefully the community councils of the area will grasp the opportunity to get involved and help make Lochore Meadows even better than it is now.