SO it looks as if the new Visitor Centre at Lochore Meadows Country Park will be completed by the middle of the autumn.

That has to be good news for the area and will ensure that the Meedies is completely ready for the 2018 season.

The Outdoor Education Centre has stood in for the former visitor facility during this season and while it lacks the space of the former 40 year plus building the staff have done well and it has filled the gap as well as can be expected.

But now the park management will be looking ahead to how the new Visitor Centre, and of course, the new Golf Club House and football changing facility, will add to the facilities available at the park.

While not everyone will agree that the now developing facility at the park was what was totally wanted it is now almost here and that has to be good news for the park.

The Meadows continues to be one of Scotland's biggest visitor attractions and the new facilities that will soon be ready at the park mean that the base is there to be built on and hopefully more facilities will follow over the coming months and years.