THE parking situation that irked residents in the central part of Cowdenbeath during the Saloon World Championship meeting at the Racewall is something which rightly or wrongly does happen when there are big meetings.

The normal crowds of around 1200 can rise by four times that figure and as for the most part people are coming to Cowdenbeath from other parts of the country, parking has to be a problem.

How that can easily be solved is a real question.

To say that it does not happen that often is no use to the residents who found themselves surrounded by parked cars that Saturday evening.

The fact is that people like to park close to where they are going and streets such as Rowan Terrace and Stenhouse Street are very near to the Racewall, so inevitably these fill up first.

The community police team have been looking at the problem but the lack of alternative parking provision means that it is a problem that is not easy to solve.

But then Lochgelly has its own parking problems too and these can be frustrating for residents there.

Perhaps parking issues is something that Cowdenbeath Area Committee might look at?