IT was excellent that a Cowdenbeath mum and dad were the first in Fife to receive the new Baby Box on the arrival of their daughter Emma-Lily.

As with any new venture the Baby Box initiative has had some detractors nationally but the reaction from Nicola and Lee Hughes underlined how important the Baby Box could be for local families.

They outlined the electronic thermometer as one thing which really they had not thought of and some of the included literature which had important information for new mums and dads was also welcomed.

So while there will be some criticism of the expenditure on the idea, it in general will be something which many new parents both locally and across Scotland will welcome.

The various items included in the Baby Box will be valuable for families on all types of budget, but for those on a tight budget it will be a real boon.

So all in all it is something which will give new parents a flying start.