THE new youth theatre group in Lochgelly really will be an inspiration and hopefully the community will back their debut production Hairspray.

Really the standard of shows staged by the area's two secondary schools have excelled over the past couple of years so there is no doubt that the well of youthful talent is deep.

With youth theatres being created in other parts of Fife, it is so encouraging to see young Liam Nardone and his colleagues leading the way by setting up Lochgelly Youth.

It is no easy thing establishing a youth theatre and hopefully there are plenty of people on hand to help them along.

LY has a 40 strong cast for their late September performance of Hairspray at Lochgelly Centre and it shows the depth of talent that exists in this community and they deserve the utmost support.

Hopefully they can attract close to the 824 people they need to make two full houses at the Centre Theatre for their two shows but meantime with a bit of luck their bid for sponsorship from the business community also bears fruit.

This is a real good news story for the area and the message has to be 'back them'.