'FIRST of all thank you to everyone who voted for me on June 8 and also thank you for all the best wishes and letters of support sent since then. I will be working hard to ensure that I serve all constituents and all our communities.

The first few weeks in any new job are always a mix of excitement and getting up to speed with learning new things, meeting new colleagues and generally just finding out how things work. As a new MP I can certainly say I've been impressed with our induction programme and the expression "every day's a school day" was never more true. I have also had the additional responsibility of being appointed to the Shadow Cabinet - so it's been a whirlwind. While it's now recess time for Parliament work in the Constituency will be ramping up.

As a new MP you start from scratch. No office. No staff. No phones or IT equipment. However, I am pleased to say the office is now up and running at the John Smith Business Centre in Kirkcaldy. We have already been very busy with casework and I am pleased to say that my first surgeries are running this Friday and Saturday. Over the summer recess I will be looking to get out and about in the community and I look forward to the opportunity to meet as many constituents as I can at the various events.

It's been a busy and historic few weeks in Parliament. The minority Conservative Government's £1B deal with the DUP shocked and disgusted all opposition parties. Whether you voted to Leave or Remain we are finally starting to come to terms with the consequences of that vote. The talk about a hard or soft Brexit over simplifies what it is, and will be, a very complex negotiation. Labour's focus is jobs and the economy first. That no deal is not a viable option. That there should be no watering down of workers rights, human rights and environmental protections. That there are guaranteed rights for current EU nationals and, while we will no longer be members of the EU, we will need to develop new partnerships with the EU, if we are to secure the best possible outcomes we can not just for now But also for future generations.

One of the biggest concerns about the draft Bill is its lack of democracy; proposing as it does, sweeping delegated powers allowing the Government to change things with no reference back to Parliament. The Bill will come forward for debate in the Autumn and between now and then close examination, scrutiny and amendments will be worked upon. One thing we can be certain of is that there will be many long, late nights of debate and argument yet to come.'