THE failure by representatives of Exxon/Mobil to turn up to Wednesday's public meeting to discuss the flaring issues was a little bit wrong of the oil and gas company.

With well over 100 residents of the Cowdenbeath-Lochgelly area there to discuss what has been a much talked about issue, it would have been right for the company to show respect for the community by going along and going and answer points brought up.

With a number of local councillors there and MSPs, it showed the importance of the meeting and the fact that there was over 130 members of the public there, undoubtedly this was one of the major local talking points in recent times.

For no one to turn up from Exxon/Mobil would give the Mossmorran Action Group every right to think that their points were being ignored.

The point is that their case is set to be taken all the way to the Scottish Parliament so perhaps the oil company would have been better showing the Action Group and people of the community the respect they deserved.

This matter is not going to go away so hopefully the company will not be so distant in the coming months.