THE new Maxwell Centre is now just a few months away from opening.

It is indeed an exciting time for the town of Cowdenbeath and also with the news this week that the town is to get £1m investment.

The thing is that Broad Street Centre was something that was created out of nothing to fulfill the role of a community facility.

It was only to be for a few years but that lasted for more than 40 and it was a godsend for the town.

But now we have the new £3m project nearing completion and surely and it is certain to provide all the community facilities that a town the size of Cowdenbeath should have.

While it has been converted from the former social work offices in Stenhouse Street, the Maxwell Centre will boast a brand new community hall, something which has been lacking in the town, despite the facilities Broad Street offered.

So it is a good time for Cowdenbeath and fitting that the new Centre is named after two of the town's finest stalwarts.