'SO, that’s one election campaign over. Now, on to the next! In just about a month’s time we will be back to the polls to elect MPs to send to Westminster.

Despite what some newspapers and broadcasters would have you believe, the SNP won the local elections in Scotland – and did so emphatically - with an increase in the number of seats we won, more seats than any other party, an increased and higher share of the vote than any other party and the SNP is now the largest party in more councils than any other party- including, I am delighted to say, here in Fife!

The Tories claims that they would win councils with an anti-independence majority failed to materialise as the party came a distant second to the SNP and Labour’s vote collapsed in Scotland and across the UK showing they cannot provide the opposition to the Tories that is needed, while the Lib Dems failed to make up any ground.

Results across the UK show that now more than ever Scotland needs strong SNP voices to stand up to a Tory Government that is set to impose more cuts and put thousands of jobs at risk.

Because the evidence of the last two years shows that SNP MPs really do make a difference.

At Prime Minister’s Question Time, it is Angus Robertson, not Jeremy Corbyn, who highlights the important issues and leaves the PM blustering and uncomfortable.

Eilidh Whiteford successfully introduced a Bill requiring the UK Government to ratify the Istanbul Convention and take further action to finally eradicate domestic violence.

Alison Thewliss has campaigned against Tory plans to make some women prove they have been raped in order to claim Child Tax Credits, forcing the UK Government to back down and hold a public consultation on the issue.

Mhairi Black has worked with the women of the WASPI campaign and led calls at Westminster for women born in the 1950s to receive the pensions they are rightfully due.

Patricia Gibson proposed a new law to hold company bosses to account if they breach nuisance call regulations – they now face fines of up to £500,000 if found to be in breach of the law on nuisance calls.

Kirsten Oswald, working with the Royal British Legion, successfully campaigned to force the UK Government to ensure that veterans are entitled to the same compensation for asbestos-related mesothelioma as civilians who contracted the illness.

And our own Roger Mullin has led calls for the UK government to take action on the use of the Scottish Limited Partnership business model to undertake illegal activities and evade tax. The UK Government has now committed to a review and consultation of such practices.

Right across the board, SNP MPs have made a difference to the proceedings in the House of Commons, often acting as the real Official Opposition while the Labour Party has missed open goal after open goal and sat on its hands when the time came to stand up against Tory excesses'.