WE are now in the middle of the Fife Council election campaign and the candidates have been giving giving their beliefs and policies in our Hustings Pages.

There are eight seats on Cowdenbeath Area Committee up for grabs and with seven contenders in each ward it will be interesting who gets the nod from the voters.

But that is the key thing. There is simply no point in complaining after the event if you did not cast your vote.

In recent council elections the turn out has been around the 39 per cent mark, which is well below Westminster and Scottish Parliamentary polls.

The opportunity is there on May 4 to give your verdict on what the candidates have said during the campaign and you should go out and cast your vote.

Fife Council provides key services like education and social work and environmental health, which is valuable for all families.

So you should try to ensure that you get the right people in the right place to make the key decisions, it could make a difference.

So on Thursday May 4 make sure you cast your vote.