New M8 Link Set to open Early

The news that the M8 “missing link” is to open earlier than expected represents a boost to West Fife companies who trade across Scotland and for those whose work takes them to Glasgow and the West of Scotland. This is part of the £500m investment in Scotland’s roads by the Scottish Government. In addition, while we await an official opening date for the new Queensferry Crossing, anyone travelling between Cowdenbeath and Edinburgh we see, first-hand, how well the project is progressing with approach roads and roundabouts almost complete and tree planting and landscaping now being finished off. This is the “day job” for our government here in Scotland and it’s good to see so much progress being made for the benefit of Fife.

Benefit Cuts

You will have noticed that your MP’s at Westminster have been running a vigorous campaign to protect those most at risk and families who depend on benefits. Recent figures have proved that the UK’s benefit cuts hit women hardest of all and represents a massive step backwards for equality in our society. Watching the antics of Tory MP’s who sit opposite me every week in the House of Commons you soon appreciate that the vast majority of them were brought up experiencing a level of privilege that many of my constituents could only dream of and that’s reflected in how they reach decisions. We will continue to fight the callous approach to these dreadful cuts from Westminster which affect some of the most vulnerable people in our society, while the UK Government allows tax cuts to the very richest in our society.


Brexit continues to be the talk of the steamie at Westminster however to date it’s been just that – talk ! What we need is some straight answers on how Brexit might impact on our family, the economy and our country. One section of society which may well be disadvantaged are those people who keep our NHS, local hotels, care homes and public services going – EU citizens who already work and live here. I am holding a special surgery on Thursday 20th April at Queen Anne High School in Dunfermline (7pm) for EU nationals who have made their home here. With my Westminster colleagues I am pressing for an early decision to be made which will allow EU citizens to stay after Brexit…any other outcome will have a real damaging impact on our NHS and other critically important sections of our economy.

Fife Council Elections

Elections for Fife Council take place on Thursday 4th May. This is an opportunity to elect a new council for Fife and I would urge everyone who has a vote to use it – whatever your preferred party or candidate might be. As a former councillor, can I wish all those who

served their communities well over the past term and thank them for the sometimes unrecognised work they put in to support the communities they represent.