THE closure of the Urban Therapy social enterprise is indeed not good news for the Cowdenbeath-Lochgelly area.

With considerable funding having been put into it by Cowdenbeath Area Committee with a view to counselling services being available free of charge for people desperately needing help.

Indeed, some £90,000 has been ploughed into this project by the Area Committee as they saw it as a really good project which started off very brightly.

However, somehow it lost its way and now Area Manager for Cowdenbeath, Kevin Sayer is left with having to find out what went wrong and how the tax payers' money has been spent.

The set-up has failed but apparently there are 15 counsellors who have qualified through the course run at the Crosshill Centre but for some reason have never received the certificates that are necessary for them to practice.

And that in itself means that the Area Committee agreement with the organisation has not been complete as the counsellors were to give make counselling available free of charge to the public of Cowden-Gelly.

So there are many questions needing answered about this project that has been lost and lessons to be learned for the future which can avoid a repeat.