THE residents of Cowdenbeath's Natal Place will be delighted that the long time parking issues they have faced are going to be tackled by Fife Council.

The daily mayhem at the bottom of Broad Street has posed endless problems for the Natal Place people many who often cannot get parked anywhere near their home.

The moves to sort the situation should have an impact although these will not mean that the residents will have a totally easy task to park in their street at any time of day.

In the days that the parking wardens were housed in Cowdenbeath meant that parking restrictions in the town could be properly policed but in recent times, since the new warden strategy sees only occasional visits to the town, often illegal parking goes unchecked.

At least in the early stages of the new restrictions it is likely that there will be hit squads policing things but after that things are unlikely to be so effectively tackled.