THE SNP were the big winners in Fife last Thursday, achieving their best ever result across the Kingdom and forming the largest group on Fife Council.

In the Cowdenbeath Ward they achieved their best ever result and commenting on the result and his re-election, Councillor Alistair Bain said: “It is a great privilege to be re-elected as a SNP councillor, representing the communities of Cowdenbeath, Kelty, Crossgates, Hill of Beath and Lumphinnans.

"The last few months we have taken our message to doorsteps across the ward, speaking to local people about local issues.

"I would like to thank everyone who voted SNP, and I commit to working with my ward colleagues across political lines when consensus can be reached on local issues".

He added: "Over the coming weeks, the SNP in Fife will discuss with the other parties ways we can work together to take Fife forward, I can, however, recommit to a promise made before the election, the SNP will not enter into any coalition involving the Conservatives.

"I do not believe that Tory policies can benefit the people of Cowdenbeath, and will use any opportunity to speak out against Tory cuts and austerity imposed on our most vulnerable in society”

Ann Bain, the SNP candidate, who failed to win the fourth slot in the ward, also commented: “It was a great honour to serve the former Lochs ward for 10 years, and although I am disappointed not to be re-elected to the new Cowdenbeath Ward, I am delighted that Alastair will represent Kelty which made up part of the ward I had the privilege to represent, and Lea McLelland along with Rosemary Liewald will represent the Benarty area which made up another large part of the former Lochs ward.

"I will continue to argue for local issues on behalf of our communities whenever possible.

"I will also use every opportunity to hold our elected representatives to account when I believe they are not acting in the best interest of our area. Across the rest of Fife, the SNP have recorded their best result ever, a trend echoed across Scotland.

"In the forthcoming General Election on June 8, I look forward to getting back on the doorsteps and arguing for the SNP vision for a stronger Cowdenbeath, Fife and Scotland and asking the people of Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath to re-elect Roger Mullin.”