KELTY Musical Association's gamble of tackling a second successive new style show proved a real success for them.

While there was not the five successive full house signs up which Sun Shine on Leith achieved in 2016 Spamalot attracted huge audiences to Dunfermline's Carnegie Hall last week.

The Monty Python inspired production certainly caught the imagination of audiences which grew each day from Wednesday through to Saturday.

Spamalot is all about King Arthur trying to recruit Knights to the Round Table and led by director/leading man, Gary Gibb, the Kelty cast produced a really good show.

The costumes and scenery were so very colourful and the quality of the dancing from all the cast was excellent.

Add to that some excellent acting and singing and you had a show which certainly was highly entertaining.

Leading lady, Lucy Duffy, at 17, was a starlet of high calibre with the her superb voice literally hitting the demanding range of notes her role demanded.

The two demanding roles of King Arthur and his servant Patsy were superbly filled by Gary Gibb and Sean Mitchell. This pair were on stage for virtually the whole show but each night they never wavered from putting on top class performances.

The dancers played their part in the excellence of this show which has so many exciting sequences which has the feet tapping and you wanting to get on the stage.

Our photographs from David Wardle graphically shows the quality of the costumes and gives you a real close up look at the characters.

It certainly was another big success so the KMA are going to have decide whether they go forward to look to do another 'new show' or go back to a more traditional musical.

The decision will be made in the near future and as soon as it is made will be made public.