THE community organisation that has breathed new life into a key facility in Kelty now wants to give financial support to village organisations.

In only 12 months the Moray Development Trust has seen the former Miners Institute building saved from being abandoned and become a facility that provides the likes of karate exponents, dancers and keep fit enthusiasts a home along with a community cinema.

Now the Trust have a pot of £2000 which they want local organisations to apply for grants from.

When the new £7m community centre was opened in the village last spring people feared that the Moray Institute might be abandoned, however, Councillor Alex Campbell, and several members of the public felt that it had a key role to play in village life and they are being proved right.

The Moray Development Trust is a group of hard working volunteers who have seen the facility not only provide facilities for local people but two classrooms to replace those currently under repair at Kelty Primary School.

Councillor Campbell said: "The Trust has done a very good job in preserving the Moray's role in the community and not only are people using the facility each evening, it is providing two school classrooms while repairs are carried out at Kelty Primary.

"People thought that when the new community centre was opened it was the end of the road for the Moray but the hard working members of the Trust have proved that this was anything but the case.

"There are dance groups, keep fit clubs and karate exponents using the facility each evening while the school pupils are safely accommodated during the day."

The Trust members meet the first Monday of every month and Mary Ednie is the lady who is co-ordinating the £2000 disbursement of funds.

Said Mary: "We felt that with this sum being available that there would be village organisations out there who could do with support.

"We are inviting groups to apply for grants of up to £200."

Groups wanting to apply can write to Mary before April 21 at 183 Keltyhill Road, outlining what they need the grant for.

Mary added that the Trust was always looking for new members to bolster their numbers and anyone wanting to get involved should contact Mary or pop in to the Moray one evening. The involvement is a couple of hours a fortnight.