OVER 100 senior citizens were given important home security advice on Friday at the Central Fife Crime Prevention Panel's Elderly Forum day.

Lochgelly Town Hall was packed with the veterans who came from Crossgates in the west to Ballingry and Cardenden in the north and east respectively. 

The Panel was very much involved at the Tenant Participation Advisory Service (TPAS) National Conference, which was held at the Fairmount Hotel, St Andrews.

Crime Prevention Officer, PC Keith McLeod and vice chair of Central Fife Crime Prevention Panel, Dave Roy, were on hand to offer advice on a wide rage of crime-related matters.

Dave Roy, who is also the H&S Officer at Kingdom Housing, said: “This is the third session we’ve rolled out to the TPAS National Conference and it’s a great opportunity for Police Scotland and the Crime Prevention Panel to put the community safety and crime prevention message across to the tenants who visited this year’s conference”.

The TPAS members were given advice and tips on personal safety and Dave was on hand to demonstrate affordable home security devices such as a dummy CCTV camera, internet IP cameras and fake TV’s, which give the impression that someone is in the home, along with simple techniques and tips on how to protect contactless bank cards where crooks can use electronic devices to steal money from such cards.

PC McLeod facilitated a workshop on Community Safety, on line security scams and how to spot ATM machines which are fitted with skimmer devices.

There was also a new demonstration ATM machine on show which PC McLeod and colleagues use to teach the public on how to identify and what to do if they come across skimmer devices fitted to ATM machines.