A CROSSHILL man has been jailed for stealing a car and then crashing it into parked cars.

Brentt Conway, 21, of Inchgall Avenue, previously admitted that on April 22 at Main Street, Crosshill, stole a motor vehicle and while on the street drove it dangerously, did repeatedly drive at excessive speed, repeatedly cause the vehicle driven by himself to collide with parked cars causing damage to the same, cross the central reservation into the path of oncoming traffic, collide with unknown road furniture and cause the vehicle driven by himself to leave the roadway and collide with bushes all causing damage to the vehicle driven by himself.

He also previously admitted to driving the motor vehicle without holding a valid licence and failing to stop to give his name and address after he collided with a parked vehicle.

Defence solicitor, Mike Tavendale, admitted to the Court that his client didn't have the most glowing report from social services.

"Realistically he is aware that he could face a prison sentence today and the only alternative is a community pay back order," Mr Tavendale said.

"He previously had an addiction to legal highs but appeared to get himself out of trouble so it's a surprise that he has ended up here again."

Conway was jailed for eight months and disqualified from driving for 54 months.