RESIDENTS in Ballingry have been kicking up a stink after raw sewage started flowing down their street.

And the people who stay in Kirkland Gardens have had to put up with the horrible smell of human excrement for weeks, with Scottish Water criticised for their slow response.

A series of problems with the sewer has left residents suffering, while one of them, Wattie Moodie, picked up syringes presumably used by drug addicts which have come up the manhole across from his home.

Neighbour Ted Middlemass said he could not open windows because of the stench, which posed problems for his wife who needs cool fresh air to help with a condition she suffers from.

Mr Moodie said the problems reached crisis level over the past 10 days and added: “It has got worse and worse over the past couple of months and last weekend we had effluent containing human excrement running down the road.

“The needles came up the manhole and although I was advised not to, I picked these up and disposed of them. The youngsters cross the road coming down the slope from the school and I felt I just could not leave them there.”

Mr Middlemass said: “The terrible smell has been a real problem for my wife and myself. My wife has a health condition which really needs fresh air to ease it but with what has been going on the windows have had to be kept closed.”

Local councillor, Mary Lockhart, said: “In this day and age people should not have to experience human excrement running down their street.

“I have constantly tried to get information from Scottish Water about the problem but the response has not been particularly helpful.”

A Scottish Water spokesman said: “There have been issues with blockages in the sewer in this area in the past, which have been cleared by Scottish Water when they have occurred.

"Following this latest blockage a CCTV survey took place to establish if any specific issues were contributing to the problem in the area.

“As in previous incidents a number of wipes and other items were found to be blocking the sewer and we would continue to encourage customers to follow our cycle campaign.

“Around 80% of blockages that clog up the cycle are caused by either inappropriate items being put down the toilet, or fat, oil and grease being put down the sink.

“The survey that took place also revealed a damaged section of sewer and our contractors Kier have been on site carrying out repairs over the last week.

“This work involved setting up a road closure in the area and we want to thank customers for their patience and understanding.

“The repairs have now been made to the sewer and the area back-filled, with reinstatement set to take place as soon as possible.

“A partial road closure will remain in place until reinstatement has been completed."