THERE was a trip down memory lane at last weekend's Cowdenbeath Horticultural Society's annual flower show in the Trinity Church hall.

The theme was ‘Cowdenbeath past and present’ which added a different dimension to the displays, with many pictures, artefacts and stories about days gone by. 

Some exhibits were striking in more ways than one, with three ‘Lochgelly Tawse’ – the old school belt – kindly loaned by Margaret Dick from Lochgelly. 

Colin Bird, the society’s chairman, said: “Some sections, especially the fuchsias and pot plants, were about the best I’ve ever seen. We were fortunate to get a lot of new exhibitors, this resulted in a great show.” 

He continued: “The schools and nursery sections again were first class and the schools section had seven of the local primary schools in attendance.

"All school entries were superb, leaving the judge a very difficult choice to make, and for the first time the main trophies went to different schools. The nursery schools again were superb and like the schools the main awards were shared.

"Our new church group competition is now in its second year. We had three local churches involved and it is hoped to make this four for next year.

"We would like more but space is restricted, if a local church group would like to be involved please get in touch."

The popular charity knit saw more than 300 items produced this year, including soft toys, cardigans and dolls with knitted clothes. 

Colin said it was a “marvellous achievement” and added: "This year they will be going to the Salvation Army who will distribute them at Christmas to families that will have nothing or very little."

He thanked all those involved in helping to make the show such a success and concluded: "Most sections showed an increase in numbers and our floral decoration section is getting even better every year with one class alone having 13 entries in it.

"This is mainly down to the hard work of Dunfermline’s Linda Souter, who assists the society by giving a floral art demonstration in early spring, followed up with floral decoration classes leading up to the show." 

Cowdenbeath Horticultural Society Trophies 2017        
1   SPONSORS CHOICE  - Anderson Quaich ... Bill Duff


2    The Scott Trophy - Best Exhibit in Section, Primary 1-4 ... Oliver Simpson, Hill of Beath.
3    Davidson Trophy - Best Exhibit in Section, Primary 5-7 ... Emily Haddow.
4    Photograph Trophy - Best in Primary School age section ... Christopher McVitie.
5    A.B.Todd Trophy - Best in Secondary School age Photographic section ... Lauren Watt. 

6    T.S.B. Trophy - Best Pot Plant ...  St Brides Primary
7    Exxon Trophy - Best Collage ... Foulford Primary
8    Catherine Wallace Memorial Shield - Best exhibit,     
    excluding Collage & Pot ... Lumphinnans Primary. 
9    Angela Stark Memorial Cup - Best Poem ... Crossgates Primary
10    Mary Watson Memorial Shield - Best overall School ... Hill of Beath Primary.

11    Shell Cup - Best overall Nursery ... Cowdenbeath Primary. 
12    Eggleston Cup - 2nd Best Nursery ... Hill of Beath Nursery.
13    Nursery Cup - 3rd Best Nursery ... Lumphinnans Nursery.
14    Nursery Cup - Best Theme ... Rascals Nursery.

15    James Summers Memorial Trophy - Best vase large/medium ... A Davidson.
16    King Trophy - Best Exhibit of Sprays Chrysanthemums ... A Davidson. 
17    James Bennet Memorial Trophy - Best vase of Sprays Chrysanthemums ... A Davidson. 

18    Esso Chem Trophy - Best Exhibit Dahlias ... Robert Barnfather.
19    Robert Todd Trophy - Best Exhibit Miniature or Small ... Robert Barnfather.
20    McAndrew Cup - Best in Classes 4 & 7 ... Anne Rennie.
21    Archibald Trophy - Best Exhibit 1-19 (excluding 4 & 7) ... Robert Barnfather.
22    Freddy Windle Memorial Trophy - Best Vase of Dahlias ... Robert Barnfather.

23    Penman Trophy - Best Vase of Gladioli ... Colin Bird. 
24    James Johnston Trophy - Best Exhibit of Gladioli ... Colin Bird. 

25    The Cloudy Trophy - Best exhibit of Roses ... A Rennie. 

26    Garden News Shield  - Best Vase of Sweet Peas ... Bill Duff.

27    The Town Council Trophy - Class No 1... Colin Bird.
28    Garden News Shield - Class 7 ... A Rennie.
29    Inverkeithing Trophy - Best Exhibit in Cut Blooms ... A Rennie.

30    Reekie Memorial Trophy - Class 1 ... David Forrester.

31    Streetwatch Well Done Shield - Best Exhibit classes 2-7 ... Maureen Aspin.

32    Dunfermline Arts Council Shield - Best Exhibit Begonias ... Colin Bird. 
33    Tom Courts Trophy - Best Exhibit Bonsai ... George Henderson. 

34    Cowdenbeath Trophy - Class 1 ... Colin Bird. 
35    Balnacraig Trophy - Best Exhibit excluding Classes 1, 6, & 11 ... Fiona King.
36    Streetwatch Well Done Shield - Best Exhibit in Class 6 & 11 ... Tom Dair. 

37    The Donibristle Landscape Cup - Most points in section ... Alan Weepers. 
38    The Sponsors Trophy - Best Exhibit ... Alan Weepers. 

39    James Lindsay Memorial Trophy - Class 1 ... Kate Rettie. 
40    The Wells Cup - Class 2 ... Wendy Bennet. 
41    Harrison Shield - Best Exhibit excluding Classes 1, 2, 5 & 10 ... Fiona King. 
42    Catherine Honeyman Memorial Shield - Best Beginner Class 5 ... Linda Calder. 
43    The Linda Soutar Cup - Class 10 (confined class) ... Diane Petrie. 

    VEGETABLE  SECTION - 2012    
44    Fife Trophy - Most Points in Vegetables ... Len Wright.
45    Martin Trophy - Class 1 ... Calum Little. 
46    Cowdenbeath & District Trophy - Best in classes 2-31 ... Calum Little. 

47    William Gray Shield - Best Exhibit, Produce ... Laura Ritchie. 
48    Reid Trophy - Most Points in Produce ... Mary Haddow.
49    Focus / Do It All Cup - Best Exhibit Craft ... Jim Toal. 

50    Photographic Shield - Best non-mounted, up to A4 ... Sandra Smith.
51    Photographic Shield - Best mounted, up to A4 ... Colin Bird. 
52    Photographic Shield - Best A3 or A3 plus photograph ... Colin Bird. 
53    MacLeod Shield - Best  Photograph under glass ... Colin Bird
54    Photographic Trophy - Best Exhibit in Classes 34 & 35 ... Colin Bird. 

In addition, the raffle winners were: 

1st Isabel Anderson, Large hamper,

2nd – Fiona King, Small hamper

3rd – Janet Millar, large bag of spring bulbs,

4th – Emily McArthur, decorated cake.

Morrisons square winners: 

1st Fiona McMeechan £50 Morrison’s voucher & large hamper,

2nd – Laura Ritchie, £30 Morrison’s voucher 7 small hamper

3rd – Lauren Watt, £20 Morrison’s voucher

Charity Knit Raffle: 

1st Isa King, £25

2nd Maureen Pownall, £15

3rd Maureen Pownall, £10

4th Ina Muirhead.