A MAN hospitalised a stranger after a few too many Buckfast's. 

Darrell Guy was drinking with friends at around eight in the evening at Bowhill Bowling Club when the victim drove up to the group on a moped. 

The victim knew the friends of Mr Guy but not him personally.

Someone in the group told Guy that the victim had made some sort of comment which then caused him to strike a bottle of Buckfast off the complainers' face. 

The driver of the moped drove away after the assault but police stopped him when they noticed he had a facial injury. 

The complainer provided details of the incident and was taken to hospital by his parents. His injuries resulted in a broken nose that has left him with permanent disfigurement.

Guy, 18, of Inchkeith Drive, Dunfermline, previously admitted that on October 7, 2016, at Bowhill Bowling Club, Station Road, Cardenden, he did assault a man and did strike him on the head with a glass bottle or similar item, to his injury and permanent disfigurement. 

Defence solicitor, Ian Beatson, said: "At the time Mr Guy was going through a bit of a tough spell with his parents. He was not welcome at home because he was drinking too much. 

"The complainer had been making threats about one of his relatives. He went to confront him and ended up assaulting him. 

"Mr Guy does not accept responsibility for the complainers disfigurement. He has been left with a small mark on the bridge of his nose and a squint nose. 

"This is because the complainer did not get surgery to get it straightened. However, he does accept the injury. 

"Mr Guy is now living with his uncle and auntie and is working for his uncle's business."

Sheriff Derek Reekie told Guy: "This was serious assault and to suggest that you are not responsible for this disfigurement because the complainer did not have surgery does not give you any credit. 

"It does not sit well with me, he only got it because of your injury. I have considered custody as an appropriate sentence but it's only because of your age that I'm looking at an alternative. 

"Hopefully you realise that you have a problem with drink."

Guy was made subject to a restriction of liberty order for six months as an alternative to custody and a compensation payment of £400 to his victim.