YOUNGSTERS at a Cowdenbeath school have been busy putting together designs for the town's new proposed skatepark.

The Primary 6 pupils of St Bride’s Primary School wrote individual letters to Fife Council’s Chief Executive, Steve Grimmond, to request that a skate park be built in Cowdenbeath.  They also wanted play park provision to be made that was appropriate for their age groups – noting that many of the local play parks were for use by only very young children.  And last midweek they heard that their wishes are to be granted.

The letters were passed to the Council’s Area Manager, Kevin Sayer, and he, talked to the head teacher, Eileen Chapman, and the class teacher, Laura Barrington, to arrange to visit the school and take the pupils through the process to plan, design and build the skate park. 

He visited the school on Wednesday to meet the pupils and to talk about the plans for the Cowdenbeath Skate Park, the work needed to get permission to go ahead with the project and the way in which the skate park will be built and installed.

The pupils were able to quiz Kevin – asking questions ranging from the whether a smoothie stall could be a feature, through whether they could have a logo representing the school on the skate park, to asking that they take part in a graffiti decoration of the park when it’s finished. 

The pupils also came up with some possible names for the park which Kevin promised to take to the Cowdenbeath Area Committee to get the thoughts of councillors.

Kevin also spoke to the pupils about working with them to help design play parks for the Area suitable for their age group and older.  He promised to come back to the school to work on this project with them. 

It is also intended that the pupils can meet the skate park designer and visit the site of the skate park during its construction to learn how an engineering project like this is put together.

Mrs Chapman said: “I am so proud of my P6 class and of their inspirational teacher, Miss Barrington. 

"What started as a series of lessons on persuasive writing grew into this dynamic project.  Not only have the children enjoyed developing a range of life skills, but they can also look forward to having great fun when the work is completed – it’s the Curriculum for Excellence in action!”

Miss Barrington agreed: “This project has empowered the children and shown the impact that they can have on their own community,” she said. 

“With one child’s idea, they have been able to persuade a council to create a skate park, will meet with the architect who designed it and will visit the site in August to help promote the park. 

"This stemmed from our topic about the Scottish Parliament and has shown the children if you have an idea, engage in politics and ask the right questions, anything is possible.”