ANDREW Brown has been confirmed as the Scottish Conservative’s candidate for the Glenrothes constituency, which includes Cardenden and Kinglassie in the forthcoming General Election to be held on Thursday June 8.

Previously he has worked in the European Parliament in Brussels in the Conservative MEP's press office and is currently employed at the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh.

He studied for his BA at the University of Brighton (2009-2012) before studying for his MSc at Erasmus University Rotterdam (2014-2015).

Further information is available on request.

Commenting on his selection Mr Brown said: “I want to stand up for Glenrothes and fight for the issues that matter to its people like getting the Levenmouth Rail Link re-opened and regenerating our town centre.”

He added: “For too long Scotland has been subject to the politics of division through the SNP’s endless independence rhetoric. The SNP have split Scotland down the middle and all the while have neglected to take care of our schools, hospitals and economy.

"I have a positive vision for Scotland which I want to make a reality. I want to champion Glenrothes and I want to stand up for all those who voted no to independence less than three years ago - two million voices that have been ignored by the SNP."

“Voting me for will not only return a dedicated and hard-working MP to represent Glenrothes in Westminster but it will also send a clear message to Nicola Sturgeon: get back to the day job!