A CHARITY rugby match to support a Lochgelly mum-of-three who is dying of cancer raised around £3,000 on Saturday. 

At just 29, Kayleigh Rendall was given the devastating news that she had just 18 months to live. Her touching story was featured in the Times last week.

To support the work of Victoria Hospice in Kirkcaldy where she receives treatment, her partner Andrew Dick and his team mates at Fife Southern Rugby Club organised a fund-raiser in Rosyth. 

Mark Craigie, 28, a childhood friend of the couple and rugby team mate, said: “It was a really positive day. A lot of people saw the story in the paper and came down to support us so we were all really pleased. 

“I was dressed in a pink tutu and there was lots of mickey taking from both teams. We’re waiting for all the players to collect their sponsorship money but we’re expecting to raise about £3,000. 

“Everyone was in good spirits and it was brilliant to see Kayleigh at the sidelines. We were able to make £1,300 just from people’s loose change, a bouncy castle and a tombola.”

The fancy dress match saw the Fife team play against Caledonian Thebans RFC and the event gave them a chance to support the family. 

Kayleigh was told she had cervical cancer after the discovery of a tumour the size of an orange. After various treatments, the family discovered in January that the cancer was terminal. 

Mark, a care support manager, added: “I went to school with both Andrew and Kayleigh and we all kind of grew up together.

"It’s an absolute sin what that family are going through, especially when their children are so young. 

“There are even more tough times ahead but when it happens we will all be there. The rugby team are very close and we all have each others backs.

"We all went to watch their son Hayden’s first match playing for Dunfermline because Kayleigh couldn’t be there. 

“He comes along to train with us and seems to really enjoy it. It’s a great sport to get your frustration out.

"Even little Ollie who’s only two carries his rugby ball around with him all the time! I don’t think their daughter Bethany is too keen though!” 

In celebration of the young family, Fife Southern said they will now hold an annual charity match following the donation of a trophy, the Kayleigh Rendall Shield. 

Andrew said: “We were really chuffed to see so many people on the day. We’re extremely thankful to Mark and also Niall Henderson who put so much time and effort into organising the event.”