JULIET Wallace is already a star in her mum’s eyes and is now up for the title of Youth Community Champion in the Central Fife Times and Dunfermline Press Community Champion Awards 2017.

Proud mum Claire decided to nominate her daughter for her efforts in starting and running a book club for younger children at her school in Dunfermline.

The Pittencrieff Primary 7 pupil gives up her lunch breaks to operate the facility for all year groups which, as well as being educational, helps those little ones who may find playground life a little challenging.

Claire said she has been amazed at how Juliet single-handedly set up the club and has kept it going over the last couple of years.

“She has done it all by herself,” she told the Times. “Originally she had been thinking about it and she was in the pupil council and the headteacher gave her the green light to go and do it.

“She had made up a rota and makes up activities for them and they all love it. It is completely voluntary. She has been so nice with them and makes sure they are all included. 

“She does it on a Monday and Wednesday so takes a packed lunch those days and quickly eats it in the library before they come. 

"A couple of times she has been out to do a music exam and she moved the classes to another day so the children didn’t miss out.”

Claire, of Chalmers Street in Dunfermline, said she nominated Juliet as she wanted her to know what she thinks of her efforts.

“It is nice what she is doing. She has had to work out how to keep them quiet and make sure they all behave nicely with each other and has gone through that with them.

“The school practically has no input but are very supportive of it. They like the idea that children are getting access to reading and activities about reading with one of their peers and the children have really responded to it too.”

With Juliet now in Primary 7, she is hoping the club will be able to continue after she departs for high school.

“It would be a great legacy,” added Claire. “She has done it all by herself and has done it, more than anything, for the nice feeling in her heart.

“She had good reasons for doing it. She struggled a bit when in Primary 1-3 getting herself about the playground and I know she wanted to make a difference for all the children to be able to come and feel like they were welcome.”