14 Jun 1952 - A shot-firing accident fatally injured George Crichton, miner, 54 Whitehall Drive, Cardenden, in No. 5 East Section, Smiddy Coal, No. 2 Pit. Deceased was a married man with four of a family, two of whom are working. 25 Oct 1952 - Mr George Davidson, former undermanager, who has been promoted to manager at Blairmuckhill Colliery, Harthill, was the guest of honour at a social gathering of Bowhill Colliery officials and workers in the Gothenburg supper room. Mr George Marshall, manager, who presided, wished Mr Davidson success in his new appointment. A comprehensive vote of thanks was proposed by Mr Tom Harrison, undermanager at Bowhill Colliery. 27 Dec 1952 - Development and reconstruction work is proceeding at Bowhill Colliery, where since the sinking of the new No. 3 shaft began on 6th August, the excavation for the shaft collar has been started. The reinforced concrete shaft collar will be completed shortly after the New Year. The contract for the sinking has now been placed, and the firm is now busy on the site preparing for the temporary workshops and concreting batching plant, etc. The sinking headgear and winder will be installed early in the New Year and sinking proper will start immediately thereafter. The new shaft will be 24 feet in diameter, concrete-lined, and sunk to a depth of 460 fathoms.

4 Jul 1953 - Mr Robert Gibson (60), Carden Castle Park, Cardenden, employed underground, took ill at work and died shortly afterwards. 25 Jul 1953 - While Bowhill miners enjoy their fortnight’s holiday, the final stage of modernisation of the fifty-year-old colliery fittings are being undertaken and the entire process of replacing the old haulage system by the installation of up-to-date equipment will have been completed in readiness for the first shift on the miners’ return to work.

2 Jan 1954 - In connection with the sinking of No. 3 shaft at Bowhill Colliery, the reinforced concrete shaft collar and the excavation to the rockhead at 70 feet depth has been completed. The sinking headgear, winding engine, and all the various buildings and equipment required for shaft sinking have been installed. 30 Jan 1954 - How a pit sinker tripped over an iron bar and fell headlong to his death at the bottom of the No. 3 shaft, at present being sunk, was described by workmates at Dunfermline Sheriff Court when Sheriff Middleton and a jury investigated the circumstances of the fatality. The deceased pit sinker was Patrick O’Donnell (22), 157 Station Road, Lochgelly, whose parents reside in County Donegal. The jury returned a formal verdict that O’Donnell died from multiple fractures of the skull when he fell from the platform to the bottom of the shaft.

10 Apr 1954 - At the senior ambulance competition of the West Fife Area, National Coal Board, held in the Carnegie Gymnasium, Dunfermline, the Area again won first prize in the Scottish Division for their record of safety in pits. The competition was won by Bowhill Colliery No. 2 team, with 525 points out of a possible 600. The team, comprising Wm. Shaw (capt.), Wm. Johnston, Andrew McCormack, Alex. Holmes, and Wm. Russell (res.), will now go forward to compete in the Scottish finals at Glasgow.

17 Apr 1954 - Mr George Marshall, former manager for three years and now agent for the Dysart area collieries, was the guest of honour along with Mrs Marshall, at a social gathering held in the Auld Hoose Rooms. Mr Tom Harrison, deputy manager at Bowhill Colliery presided.

24 Apr 1954 - Mr Robert Brown, former colliery manager, has died at his home, 29 Comely Bank Street, Edinburgh, at the age of 86.

8 Jan 1955 - Two oversmen in Bowhill Colliery who attended the Fife Mining College, Cowdenbeath, together and have been close friends have been promoted to under-managers. They are Mr Andrew Blake, 84 Carden Castle Park, Cardenden, who is a dayshift oversman and has been appointed under-manager at Bowhill No. 1 Colliery; and Mr Robert Maxwell, 56 Whitehall Avenue, Cardenden, who is nightshift oversman, has been appointed under-manager at Blairhall Colliery.

23 Jul 1955 - One of Fife’s best known and most popular mining officials, Mr John Fleming, colliery agent for Bowhill, Kinglassie and Minto Collieries, retired this week after 48 years’ service in the mining industry.

30 Jul 1955 - Work is taking place on a big power extension at Bowhill Colliery. Good progress is being made there with the sinking of the new No. 3 shaft. A depth of 1400 feet has now been reached, just about 100 feet each month. A mechanical grab has been introduced to expedite the work at the pit bottom where formerly the earth was being shifted by hand.

27 Aug 1955 - The miners at are losing a friend as well as a nurse when Nursing Sister Elizabeth Warner leaves the colliery. She emigrates to Australia next month.

12 Nov 1955 - Some old miners’ rows, built just over half a century ago, will soon be disappearing. Demolition work has begun in Eighth to Eleventh Streets, Bowhill, and new houses will be erected by Fife County Council on part of the cleared area.

18 Feb 1956 - Mr John Keddie, Lochgelly, employed in Bowhill Colliery for 54 years, has retired.

31 Mar 1956 - Bowhill No. 1 won the area final of the senior eliminating ambulance competitions of the N.C.B. West Fife area which was held in the Central Baths, Dunfermline. The members of the winning team were A. Robertson, Wm. Shaw, A. McCormick, J. Meek, and Wm. Young. Bowhill also won the individual competitions in which R. Inglis, Wm. Shaw, A. McCormack, and J. Meek were placed first in their appropriate sections.

5 May 1956 - When 77-year-old Mr Alex. Hynd, 95 Sixteenth Street, retired from work, he had completed 64 years’ service in the mining industry. He came to Bowhill in 1904, and was previously employed at Townhill Colliery, and at the sinking of Sunnybraes Colliery, Saline. At Bowhill, he was employed in operating and maintaining machinery plant and was underground machinery inspector for 15 years. For the last 27 years he was employed on the main pumping plant of the colliery. For 36 years he was branch secretary of the Scottish Colliery Enginemen, Boilermen and Tradesmen’s Association, from whom he received a gift on his retirement from that office. He has received a long-service certificate from the N.C.B.

21 Jun 1956 - A party of Russian mining engineers currently visiting the Scottish coalfield visited Bowhill Colliery. They were so highly impressed by the modern mechanised methods used at the pit bottom that they requested lay-out plans of the system. The Russians were keenly interested in the plans of the colliery workings and after studying the lay-out proceeded to the pithead to witness the mechanical tipping of mine cars.