A Brochure was issued with the Compliments of West Fife Area, Scottish Division of the National Coal Board on the occasion of the visit of The Mining Institute of Scotland to Bowhill Colliery on September 12, 1953. The contents of the Brochure detailed the Reconstruction Scheme for the colliery.


On behalf of the National Coal Board, it gives me great pleasure to welcome the members of the Mining Institute of Scotland to see part of the reorganisation scheme in operation at Bowhill Colliery. The scheme is briefly explained in this brochure. One unusual feature for Scotland is the operation of the Balance Rope Clutch Drum Haulage, which hauls the 2½ ton mine cars a distance of 1,200 yards up a gradient of 1 in 4. The arrangements in the pit bottoms and on the surface are a big step forward in the right direction and have resulted in a considerable saving of labour. The planning and completion of this project reflects great credit on all concerned and I would like to pay a special tribute to the Planning Department, the Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, and the Managerial Staff at the Colliery for the way in which this work has been carried through. When the New Sinking is completed, and the new Coal Preparation Plant installed, Bowhill Colliery should make a substantial contribution to the increased output which is so necessary for the Scottish Division.


Area General Manager,