PUPILS from Benarty Primary School had the chance to visit one of the biggest employers in the Ballingry area as part of their desire to find out what local businesses do.

The P1/2 children were guests of Ivan Wood and Sons, fruit and vegetable processors whose warehouse at Navity Farm supplies some of the biggest hotels and store chains in Scotland.

The company, who employ 30 people, all from the locality, also is involved in the creation of a revolutionary water filtration system which cleans up deposits from the chip shop industry.

The Benarty Primary kids were shown around the Navity Farm warehouse and the various techniques used to create the perfect conditions to process top quality vegetable and fruit for the stores and hotel market.

Said Ivan Wood and Sons, director, Maclolm Wood: "It was a pleasure to be able to give the local school kids a tour of the warehouse and tell them about a local business that is processing fruit and vegetables, how it is done and where we get our raw materials from."