JULIE Ford and Craig Walker, SNP councillors for Glenrothes West and Kinglassie, are delighted that the Glenrothes Area Committee have committed £100k worth of capital funding to renovate the Tanshall Skatepark, along with other community initiatives and they would like to see floodlighting in the village.

Councillor Walker commented: "I am glad that the Glenrothes Area Committee has committed such a generous the amount of money to upgrade the Tanshall Skate Park. It is disappointing that it was recently vandalised, but it is positive to hear that it will now be getting well deserved investment. It is a great thing for the area.

"Going forward, I would hope that the committee will engage fully with the community to understand and learn of exactly what they want within each area."

Councillor Ford added: "I am pleased that the area committee has committed to upgraded much loved community facilities.

"I was concerned when the initial motion committed all of the extra capital made available at last month's budget meeting without any wriggle room, but was pleased that we reached a consensus to hold funds back for future spending.

"Personally, I would love to see some of the money going to Kinglassie to assist with the funding of floodlights at the newly installed MUGA and Skate Park. But that will be a decision to be made by the future Glenrothes Area Committee."