INTERNET crime is continuing to be a major concern for the police team in the Cowdenbeath Area.

And with the access to the Net getting ever more attainable through improving smart phones, keeping control of the dangers to young people is getting more and more difficult for parents.

Cowdenbeath Area Committee heard from Community Sergeant, Cain McIntyre, who said that problems were bound to arise with the easy availability of Internet access.

He told councillors: "The access that smart phones give young people to the Internet means that there is the opportunity there that they could become victims of people who want to pose them real dangers.

"It is really important that everything is done to help educate children to keep safe when using the Internet.

"If they know of the dangers that may occur then it gives them the chance to ensure that they can avoid being trapped by people who have nothing but causing them harm as their intention.

"It is important that everyone works together to get the message over to youngsters of the possible dangers of the Internet."

Lochgelly and Cardenden councillor Linda Erskine fully agreed and added: "Primary children are going online not realising the dangers that are out there, and how devastating a situation could develop into."

The committee agreed that as much is done as possible to ensure that Internet dangers are explained to children and that parents should continue to be encouraged to play their part in making their kids aware of the problems that can arise.