A LOCAL councillor is campaigning for further investment in Lochore Meadows Country Park to back the ambition shown in the park by communities.

Lochs councillor, Alex Campbell, who represents Kelty and Benarty, is calling for more investment in The Meedies.

Mr Campbell commented prior to Fife Council's budget tomorrow (February 16), saying: "We have made a commitment in our manifesto in to invest in the Meedies and are already in the progress of investing £1.8m of investment, but we now need keep this investment going and continue to see the park maintain its attractiveness to visitors.

"I'm arguing for more funding to further develop the visitors centre and the sports club house".

He added: "Like many in the community I'm ambitious for the park and want to make sure it backs that ambition with funding. I have requested £750,000 for phase two; £500,000 for the visitor centre; and £250,000 for golf and football pavilion

Mr Campbell added: "We will learn the lessons and make sure that the community are fully involved in developing future plans.

"Consultation will be the key to making the next phase of development a success."

Cowdenbeath Area Chair, Cllr Mark Hood, is this week calling for SNP councillors in the area to back Labour's plan for local investment.

Mr Hood’s comments come as Fife Council prepare to take a decision on the council’s investment strategy for the next 10 years.

Speaking to the Central Fife Times Mr Hood said: "Despite being the formal opposition the SNP councillors have not submitted an alternative capital plan. I am calling on SNP councillors who represent the Cowdenbeath-Lochgelly sector to back Labour's plan and ensure that we secure funding for the Cowdenbeath area."

Labour's capital plan proposal will see an additional £3m invested in the area over the next two years, this is on top of funding already committed of over £2.5m.

Councillor Hood continued: "Labour’s investment plan will see work start on the Fife Cycle Circuit next month and the final build phase complete on the Rockgelly climbing centre, in Lochgelly.

"This will also see the next phase of development in Lochore Meadows. All of these projects will create great new facilities in our area and attract visitors from across Scotland and beyond, boosting the local economy."

Mr Hood concluded: "By not developing their own plan SNP councillors have shown that they have no vision or strategy for how to take our communities forward. It is important that they now back Labour's investment and don’t risk losing much needed investment in the Cowdenbeath Area."