IT'S a 'dating agency' with a difference if your heart's desire is more to do with bricks and mortar than cards and flowers.

After the romance of Valentine's Day, Fife Council is now ready to play Cupid for those people who love property.

They're encouraging those who wish to buy or sell a vacant home to sign up to the Empty Property Matchmaker Scheme.

The free service then aims to match them up.

Housing spokesperson, Councillor Judy Hamilton, said: "Fife Council is keen to encourage empty homeowners to bring their properties back into use, to increase the supply of housing in Fife and particularly to help tackle the shortage of affordable housing.

“Through the Scheme of Assistance, the council’s focus is to provide advice and support for owners who want to do something with their empty property: providing information about the range of options available to help owners select the solution that is right for them.

"The Empty Property Matchmaker Scheme helps take this a step further by connecting potential buyers and sellers.”

The council's empty home officer holds two lists; one of potential buyers and one of owners interested in selling their vacant property.

The information relates to property type, location, approximate purchase price and condition.

There are a wide range of empty home types, from modern to historic, move-in condition to do-er uppers, large to small, and rural to urban.

When the officer spots a ‘match’ the buyers are given the empty home owners details to follow-up.

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