A GRAN and her grandson suffered a frightening experience when a drunk threw a brick at their car in Lochgelly.

Robert Dow smashed the rear window of the vehicle in a “random” attack, Dunfermline Sheriff Court heard.

Dow, 30, of Broad Street, Cowdenbeath, admitted that on October 8 at Chapel Street, Lochgelly, he culpably and recklessly threw a brick at a car causing the rear window to smash.

Depute fiscal Alasdair Shaw said at around 5.50pm the woman was driving her car accompanied by her seven-year-old grandson.

At Chapel Street, the car stopped and the woman became aware of a male approaching from behind the vehicle and then throwing a brick.

“It appears it was a random attack and the accused was very, very drunk at the time," Mr Shaw told the court.

“Obviously, the woman and the child were given quite a fright by a brick smashing the window.

“He then went to the front of the car before making off.”

Defence solicitor Joe Mooney said his client had been struggling to cope with the death of his brother.

“He rarely comes out of the house and he operates through his mother. His mother runs her own business and he could go out and work for her but he’s stuck in a void.”

The damage caused was £100 and Sheriff Kevin Veal called for an immediate payment of that amount as compensation. When Mr Mooney returned to court later with his client’s money, the sheriff imposed a community payback order on Dow with 75 hours of unpaid work.