COWDENBEATH Rotary Club is to pledge support for a neighbouring club’s project to build a health centre in a Ugandan community.

The Dunfermline club launched its bid to build a health centre in the populous Kesese District of Western Uganda after their club member David Lyth reported on the need for such a facility after his visit.

Their fundraising has gone well but last midweek it was reported that they were £1500 short to complete the centre which will bring much needed medical care to a large community.

Thursday’s meeting of the Cowdenbeath club saw president Derek Walker say that he had been at a meeting at which it had been reported that there was currently the shortfall totalling the £1500 and that they needed swift infusions of funds to complete the project on time.

He added: “There has been several clubs coming forward to give support and we maybe feel we should support or colleagues along the road.”

The club membership agreed that it was a worthy project which would make a difference to a community which had limited medical support and agreed to donate £250.