CAMERAS which recognise vehicle registration plates are being installed at Fife's recycling centres.

Domestic users will not be affected by the new system, with operators Resource Efficient Solution stating there's nothing sinister about the new technology.

Chris Ewing, the arms-length firm's chief operating officer, said the cameras will be used to target business owners dropping off work waste under the guise of domestic recycling.

The likes of Cowdenbeath's Cuddyhouse Road Recycling Centre and Lochgelly's Cartmore facility will have the facilities.

He said: "The reason for number plate recognition being installed is to identify those businesses using our recycling centres and claiming to be depositing household waste.

"This will not affect ordinary users."

The implementation is the latest measure being put in place to tackle the abuse of recycling centres by industry.

Preparations are underway for the new system's installation at some centres and could be operational within weeks.

Fife Council recently announced a change of plans on the controversial changes proposed to recycling policy, designed to tackle businesses disregard for the rules.

Council leader David Ross stated alternative plans are now being developed following a wave of concerns from users of the centres.

Cuts had been proposed for a booking system for householders with vans and trailers, while the recycling of trade waste was to be limited to just three locations.