A CROSSHILL driver without a licence, who ran off following a car chase with police, was caught with the help of a discarded McDonald’s meal.

Appearing in the dock for sentencing at Dunfermline Sheriff Court was Robbie Grieve, 23, of Castle Avenue.

He previously admitted that on December 13 in Foulford Road and elsewhere in Cowdenbeath, he drove a car dangerously while followed by a police car, drove at excessive speed, drove on the opposite carriageway, failed to slow down on the approach to a roundabout and while being pursued by the police vehicle with sirens and lights activated, he drove at excessive speed, lost control of the car and collided with a traffic sign.

He also admitted he drove while he did not hold a driving licence and drove without insurance.

Depute fiscal Claire Bremner said Grieve was the owner of a BMW and at 3.05am police saw him at the Crossgates roundabout at the A92 where they started following him.

A PNC check showed it was registered to someone in Perth and had no insurance.

After a chase with police the car hit a sign; Grieve ran off as did a female who was in the passenger seat.

A McDonald’s meal was found in the car. The female was traced and taken to Dunfermline police station where she said: “It was Robbie Grieve.”

CCTV from McDonald’s was viewed and showed Grieve driving his car accompanied by the female.

Grieve later attended the police station and identified himself as the driver of the car.

He was arrested and told officers:, “I should have stopped.”

Defence solicitor Alexander Flett previously told the court: “When he saw the police he panicked and drove off.

“He bought the car for £200 and had hoped to sell it on to make some money. After the incident he ran off but handed himself in the following night.”

Sheriff Charles MacNair imposed a restriction of liberty order for 100 days, fined Grieve £320 and banned him from driving for 16 months.